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Apartamentos San Sebastian

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Apartamentos San Sebastian

mar 17-nov-2020 01:37:17 ART #976508

San Sebastian Apartments is a family-run initiative. My family and myself own and run this initiative where we rent our seafront and city centre apartments in San Sebastian to travellers passionate about getting to know new places and travelling.

My name is Iñigo (hi!), I'm an open-minded and friendly spanish 30-year-old entrepreneur and marketer. I speak English fluently as I've lived in New York city and the UK for over 6 years, I'm also a native speaker in Spanish and Basque languages, and I also speak a few words in French after being living in Paris the last year. 

I love travelling myself, and perhaps this is why I started welcoming guests in my home in San Sebastian, initially through CouchSurfing by offering my sofa for free to travellers and backpackers in exchange of their travel stories, and now I do it professionally. I combine this with my job at Gloc Media, a digital advertising and marketing agency where I'm the founder and director.

My family and I thoroughly enjoy welcoming visitors from around the world. While it is definitely a pleasure and a source of satisfaction for us, we also do it as professionally as we can so that our guests leave San Sebastian with a smile on their face and keen to come back.

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